Monday, October 12, 2015

Inspire Nation Interview, Scotland and Australian Conferences


***  Please, if you think something happened when you were very young that influenced or changed your life, look further.  You may have had a near-death experience or something like it between the ages of womb and five years.  Some have womb memories that make a difference in how they live after birth; sometimes the condition of mother’s pregnancy affects the child.  For further information, access the Home Page on my website, at  Right there, on the Home Page, is information about this special project that you can download and use.  The form is not a quiz, nothing is numbered.  Be inspired by it to remember, think again, connect, describe, expand.  Take another look at your youngest years and see if anything might have influenced you at home, in school, dating, and growing into adulthood.  If you grew up feeling as if an alien, like you didn’t fit, use the form to help you put together a brief story of your life.  Please send me your story, a drawing too if you will, plus permission to use anything you send in my research, in any articles, projects, or a book that might ensue.   I need more volunteers, more people who would be willing to tell me their stories - write them down - mail or e-mail them to me.  All info is on the form.  I look forward to hearing from you.  

***  The October Newsletter will be out soon.  Remember to subscribe.  It’s free.  You subscribe on my website at  There is an archive of previous issues.  The newsletter I produce is for the curious.  You never know what it will contain - the lead story in the October issue is the Findhorn Gardens and the magic of gardening with angels and fairies.

***  If you live near Melbourne, Australia. be alert.  I will be one of the speakers at Mick Turner’s Afterlife conference the last week of January, 2016.  See you there.