Monday, December 17, 2007


Sometimes our most incredible miracles come in small packages that catch you unawares. This Fall has been especially challenging for me financially, as, I would suppose, with most of you. "The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences" is out, yes, but we'll see no money from it until Spring. In the meantime, the extra promotion costs and time demands have been overwhelming. I am grateful for the attention, yet the challenge of paying for it has been difficult. My greatest expense is this website.

I asked for donations to help me in 2004, and had a PayPal
button to handle such gifts. Two people came forward. That's all. I
finally had the PayPal button dismantled. Today as I was paying bills, I
wondered how I would ever cover the largest website bill I have ever had. My webmaster is the very best; this website serves a purpose that helps people all over the world. Yet how do I pay for it, provide free Prayer Chaplain service, plus all the other things I do?

Then I opened my mail. In it was a letter from Daniel in North Carolina, and a money order for $20.00 - a donation. Daniel somehow "knew" I needed some extra help and he responded. His letter was so encouraging to me, and filled with words of support and good will. That miracle of his $20 enabled me to pay all my bills, and renew in my heart the faith that has kept me going all these years.

Thank you, Daniel, for your gift. It was truly a Christmas miracle!
Should anyone else be so inspired, I would be most appreciative. PMH