Thursday, April 11, 2013

A New Kid, NDErs Spiritual Retreat, and Northern CA Trip


*** Did you see that YouTube of a five-year-old Russian girl singing the Beatles song "Oh Darling"? That child is incredible. Certainly one of the "new kids" I talk about in CHILDREN OF THE FIFTH WORLD. Here is the link€.

*** The three near-death experiencers who are sponsoring The Spiritual Retreat for NDErs at the Mercy Center, St. Louis, MO, May 16-19 have just lowered the price. If you think you can go, please contact this website right away: You can talk to any of the sponsors: Linda Jacquin (636) 332-9918; Bill Taylor (410) 531-3330; or David Bennett (315) 350-9900. I have attended one of these Retreats before, and I must say they are so special and incredibly deep in what can come from them, that is simply beyond words to describe. Please, with these new prices, if you can possibly go, go.

*** If you live anywhere near San Francisco or can go there, I will be giving almost a talk a day from April 19 through the end of the month. Will not return until early May. Go to the Events Schedule on my website at for details.


WHEN I AM TRAVELING I DO NOT ANSWER E-MAILS. CONTACT MY WEBMASTER IF THERE IS SOMETHING YOU THINK I MUST KNOW RIGHT AWAY. STEFF'S ADDRESS IS Because of the way my mind now works, I focus fully on wherever I am, and do not flip back and forth too well. My last day answering e-mails will be April 18th. I will not be back online until May 6th. Should the backup be too large, I may not be able to answer everyone when I return. Please keep that in mind. I do apologize in advance for any disappointment or inconvenience this may cause you. (Maybe in a future life my brain will toggle like a teenager, but not this time around. Chuckle.)

Thank you, PMH

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