Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Book Debut, St. Louis Retreat, Dr. Kevin Nelson, Euro Herb Ban


*** Only two more weeks before Near-Death Experiences: The Rest of The Story is available worldwide. The debut talk about the book occurs March 5, 2011 from 1 to 4 pm, Unity Church, 2825 Hydraulic Circle, Charlottesville, Virginia. The A.R.E. is sponsoring this. Details through The big notice goes out on February 23rd as a newsletter from my website. These newsletters are free. To sign up for them, go to; bottom of Home Page is where you submit your info. This list of subscribers is totally private.

*** Please hurry if you want to attend the Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers. It is May 12-15 in St. Louis, Missouri - held at a very lovely, sacred place. Contact Dave Bennett for more information,

*** To read more about the work of Dr. Kevin Nelson, a professor of neurology at the University of Kentucky, and about his book,Wait, What is that White Light Anyway? The Science Behind Near-Death Experiences, please refer to: (all this is a single address)

*** I have just been notified of the following that will affect near-death experiencers living in the United Kingdom and in Europe: In April 2011, European legislation which has already been passed, will come into force - which will effectively mean that all herbal medicines will disappear from the UK. No Ayurvedic (Indian) herbs, no Chinese herbs, no Western herbs, no Tibetan herbs - no medicinal herbs whatsoever. You will only have access to treatments which are pharmaceutical drugs based in order to treat your own and your family’s ailments. No access to any medicinal herbs. With no access to the full range of herbal treatments, Herbalists, Ayurvedic doctors, TCM Practitioners, and other herbal traditions will disappear overnight from the UK, as well. This news is of utmost importance to near-death experiencers, because the typical experiencer comes back no longer able to handle pharmaceuticals as before; some, not at all. For instance, after my leg surgery last year, I threw away the doctor’s prescription to pain medicine, and took two gels of Zyflamend instead (put out by New Chapter and available just about everywhere, but especially at Whole Foods stores). Zyflamend is a mixture of herbs as an anti-inflammatory (also good for heart and joints). Not only was I pain-free, but the herbal mixture went on to become a reliable agent in healing and still is, considering other leg injuries I had last year. Certainly, one would not just “take” Zyflamend. You read the label and check out the herbs listed. I did, and I could handle all of them. My oldest daughter also takes Zyflamend. It has prevented her from needing knee replacement surgery. My question is: why did this bill ever pass? Yes, we need herbal regulation, but not a complete ban. This is insane. Can it happen here? Yes it can. Contact your legislators immediately should something like that be attempted in this country.

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