Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Coming of the Fifth World

Prophecies of native peoples around the globe, as well as throughout mystical traditions, speak of the coming of the Fifth World. This turning of a grand cos- mic wheel is said to be a time when polarities merge, dimensions shift, humans evolve in remarkable ways, and earth rearranges boundaries once thought to be solid. And it's readily evident, this ending of a 25,920-year cycle (or "Cosmic Year" in astrology) as the next advances. . . the fabled Fifth World. . . where wondrous achievements share the same stage as apocalyptic tragedy.

What does this advancement mean? We can play with prophecy in our minds and in our hearts. We can imagine how change might present itself. Yet, when the "arrival" begins to manifest as predicted, well, that's another matter. Take for in- stance that part of the prophecy that indicates "polarities will merge."

Aside from gender issues which have caught our attention of late as never before, the question is really "How does one operate successfully in a busy society when, without warning, opposing forces cease to be recognizable?

Few realize that polarity serves a purpose. It provides the necessary contrast that enables comparisons to be made, "measurements," if you will, that can lead to better and healthier choices. Technically, then, Creation as experienced by the created exists as it does because of the interactions and interplay between polarizing frequencies of energy in motion. Simple science.

When we meditate, though, or attain higher states of consciousness, one of the first standbys we lose is the presence of polarity. The more we center into the core reality of that which is true, the less remains of what could be associated with bodies, lifestyles, earth, time, or space. We come to realize that the manifest world is mere illusion. Simple spirituality. A balanced individual, we are told, not only embraces both states of reality but functions well in them. Even so, what if polarities overlap then blur while you are still actively engaged in the world around you and positive/negative, good/evil, bliss/danger become the same thing – negating the faculty of discernment?

This happened to me on a seven-day trip to Canada in July of 2006.

Yes, everything went wrong that could go wrong, and more, each day, and to the extent that I was left nearly incoherent. Yet, everything went right that could go right, and more, each day, to the point that it seemed as if I had entered paradise and resided amongst angels. I passed in and out of serious health problems (the food there did not agree with me), and accidents (it's a miracle I was not paralyzed or perhaps killed), and bizarre events (the occipital lobe in my brain scrambled as exhaustion set in).

This was not the trip from hell. I've had those before. No, this was different. During my entire seven-day trip, polarities merged. What seemed positive was also negative, what seemed negative was also positive. Wrapped in the beauty of a land so awesome words fail to describe it, I faced the type of danger that could have led to my death – again and again. The people were wonderful; I was given a standing ovation for my talk, yet ever did the "strange" step with me, ride with me, sit with me, sup with me.

I have been able to sense, see, feel, hear, and respond to patterns of energy and varied frequencies of vibration, both within the inner self and throughout the world of physicality, ever since I revived from my three death and near-death experiences that occurred in 1977. The energy patterning I moved into and through during those seven days in Canada, however, was nothing like I had encountered before - a non-stop immersion into a condition where judgment and discernment were useless, choice was non-existent, centering techniques did not work. The only thing I could do was release and allow. Notice I did not say "accept," nor did I say "flow." "Accept" requires judgment. "Flow" suggests movement into another state of consciousness or presence elsewhere.

Release and allow.

When I caught on to what had happened I released everything – my need or desire to survive, my schedules, any type of outcome, any need for decisions, what I looked like, what I had, who I was, how I felt, everything. I simply existed. And in the simplicity of my existence I allowed all else to pass through me, to stay or slip by, irrespective of outcome or consequences. What existed played out its own story of what, why, where, when, and how. My safety laid in the total realness of my union with The God of My Being. Nothing else mattered. Because I caught on and switched "gears," what could have been a tragedy became an incredible lesson is how to thrive in Fifth World energy.

After I returned home, my youngest daughter, facing major surgery and very frightened, turned on me in a rush of vile hatred and accused me of being the cause of all her failures and heartaches since childhood. Some of her complaints were valid, most were not. It is true that she bore the brunt of what I faced in 1977. I couldn't help her then because I couldn't even help myself. It was a rough time for all of us. I was able to rebuild my life. I thought she had too.

By switching into the release-and-allow mode, I recognized what was behind her pain. She was "house cleaning," getting rid of the attitudes, feelings, and emo-tions that had blocked her good as she matured. I thanked her for her outburst. It was a sign that she was really ready to heal, and I was very proud of her. The surgery was a success. Wherever her healing takes her, my love will already be there. Perhaps at last, her love for herself will be there as well.

I share my story with you to make this point: mystical prophecies are one thing, living with their fulfillment is quite another. We are indeed "at the doorstep" of a massive cycle of change that will affect each and every person. Polarities will merge at unexpected moments and for unpredictable periods of time. The release-and-allow mode is surprisingly beneficial. I offer it to you as a useful "tool." We are also told that the Fifth Dimension will open and be accessible during the span that the Fifth World encompasses. Mystical lore refers to the Fifth Dimension as a condition whereby we are freed from the limitations of time and space so that we can weave our intentions directly into the fabric, the "structure," of what we want to manifest. Nothing is hidden; all is revealed, including the Akashic Records (the imprinting and history of each soul, "written upon the skeins of time," according to Edgar Cayce, one of the most documented psychics to have lived).

To speak of such things, to pass along predictions from lore masters of old as well as modern-day seers and scientists, is a privilege I honor. "Life as always" is already a thing of the past. Our weather, our politics, our religions and belief systems, our behaviors and relationships, are leveling out and shifting to another type of patterning. What worked before doesn't work now. Can we handle the turn our world is taking?

Everyone I know went through major changes and reversals both positive and negative in July of 2006, not just me, and in August and September and December of that year. More is coming.

Far from discouraged, I don't know when I have been so encouraged. Deep "wounds" in the psyche will not heal until that which has been repressed or sup-pressed surfaces and is dealt with. This is now happening globally, releasing great horror and amazing promise concurrently. As we move further into the Fifth World of accelerated energies and pressures, with change coming at a dizzying pace, will we slip backwards into control issues that stifle invention and the march of people demanding a better life? The answer lies in our everyday activities and how we handle the unexpected.

It is not peace or war that societies hunger for now. It is wisdom.


P. M. H. Atwater, L.H.D. is one of the original researchers in the field of near-death studies. Seven books encompass her findings. Times of change and the evolution of the human family are the subject of her book, Beyond the Indigo Children: The New Children and the Coming of the Fifth World (Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT 2005). The addendum to the book is located on http://www.pmhatwater.com Look for "Beyond the Indigo Children EXTRAS."