Monday, June 11, 2007

The Big Book (AKA) Complete Sourcebooks

"Near-Death Experiences: The Complete Sourcebook" is due out October 19, 2007 from Hampton Roads Publishing, Charlottesville, VA. This is the big book, almost 500 pages, which updates the field of near-death studies as never before - covering the experience, the aftereffects, the implications in every aspect imaginable. It is written for busy people on the go, with lots of sidebars, cartoons, drawings, charts, personal stories, the latest in research, and special features. You will be more than surprised once you see it. For a preview of the book's incredible cover, access the Home Page of

"Runes of the Goddess" is due out July/August 2007 through Galde Press. This time it comes out as a kit - book, runes, pouch. To view the cover, access the Home Page of For guestions or purchasing, contact Phyllis Galde at Learning how to cast Goddess Runes became my therapy after surviving death three times in 1977, and each time experiencing a near-death state. The aftereffects were very difficult for me to navigate. Learning "The Way of A Cast" enabled me to bring right and left-brain hemispheres together so I could become more whole brained. I am forever grateful for the blessings these runes gave me. In service, I still give rune-casting sessions for those who seek a detached view of themselves and their questions; and, now, at last, I can pass on the skill to others with the new book. I tried this before, two different editions ("The Magical Language of Runes" and "Goddess Runes"). Neither book did well. They needed the runes, too, in kit form. Well, now that's exactly what's coming out. Thank you, Phyllis Galde, for your guidance and your vision of the "impossible" made possible.