Sunday, July 19, 2009

IANDS Conferences


The next big conference on the near-death experience will be held October 16-17 near San Diego, California, at the Mission Valley Resort (they have very reasonable prices). Ann Ellis is the Conference Chairperson. You can contact her directly at For more information about the conference itself, access the IANDS website at (that's the International Association For Near-Death Studies). This conference will focus on the enhanced abilities experiencers come to have afterward, and what to do with them. A topic IANDS has never tackled before, but one that really needs a good hearing. I will be there. So far, they have not announced who will present papers or the keynote speakers. Make your arrangements now, anyway. Don't wait. I know the program will be incredible! It always is.

September 11 through 13, I will be in Skaneateles, New York, doing a full program for Upstate New York Friends of IANDS group. Anyone can attend. Everyone is invited! Friday night there will be a public talk on "Revelations from Near-Death Experiences." Saturday I will be giving readings for those who are interested. Sunday is a six-hour intensive on "Deepening Into Spirit," for those who are ready to "dig deeper" into the realms of spirit and soul. I seldom give this intensive, so this session will be particularly special - to me and I hope to you! Access and

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