Friday, August 26, 2011

Quake and Weather Sensitivities

Electrical Phenomena with Weather Extremes

This special bulletin is brought about because of the aftereffects from Virginia’s earthquake, which was felt across 20 states and caused unexpected damage. In my research of near-death states, 75% of the people experienced electrical sensitivity afterwards. I am one of them. When we think of electrical sensitivity, what we think about first is the inability to wear watches, sometimes popping light bulbs, computer glitches, microphones which “fight you,” recorders and projectors that suddenly begin to smoke or won’t work - with the only cause for these strange effects being our presence. Having a near-death experience somehow changes your electromagnetic field and that change can affect all sorts of equipment. This does not go away as the years pass, although it may alter some. You learn to live with it.

What nobody talks about is what happens to us during weather extremes such as tornadoes/ lightning storms, and earthquakes. Each of these extremes have electrical phenomena that accompany them. This can affect near-death experiencers, near-death-like experiencers, and anyone else who is quite sensitive or who has gone through a transformation of consciousness.


The electrical phenomena that accompanies earthquakes is powerful. Displays tend to be wild and will fill your home, go through you, and “dance” around outdoor areas. Those in a closed space are felt the strongest. You can often hear or feel a “buzz,” maybe many buzzes, like bees flying around. Air brightens, whatever you see becomes brighter, lighter. Instantly, your head tends to turn numb. You lose body coordination. You find it hard to think and may start crying or feel dizzy or feel like falling down. When the quake’s movement is through, it’s not through with you. Effects continue. With those who are sensitive, these effects may last hours, very probably for days. My assessment of this: The electrical phenomena connected to an earthquake strips you of your electrical field.

As soon as possible, take whatever supplements or emergency remedies you have that will:
…...............strengthen your heart
…...............strengthen your thymus
… to reconnect your electrical circuitry

I doubt that any medical doctor will know how to help you. Some are into alternative healthcare measures. Most are not. Those health-care practitioners familiar with energy medicine, flower and oil remedies, and realigning the body should know what to do.

What I have found that makes an incredible difference and quickly are the following:
…................take Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)
…................take Thymex, or something like it.
… meat, chicken or red meat preferred, or some type of solid protein with all 8 amino acids (not all protein sources have all 8 amino acids - chicken and red meat do).
…................chanting, affirmations, meditation are seldom that effective until after your bodymind has regained some control. Prayer can be helpful immediately, though.

In taking supplements like mentioned above, I prefer those obtained from Standard Process. I get mine by mail, but I hear their products are now available over their website. Large doses are not needed. I only take one of each per day, and only for those days when brain and body are still uncoordinated, dizzy, or not grounded. A sensitive person does not need a lot of anything for full effect. Many people use Essences of Perelandra successfully. Perelandra has a section in the Marketplace of my website, There are other sources and supplements. Look around.

(effects noted below can also be true in strong lightning storms)

Electrical phenomena with tornadoes can center around wild lightning strikes that spread out from the spinning vortex. But, what few ever mention are the electrical streaks (sometimes a light blue) that can cover a distance of 10 to 40 miles away from the main cone. Sensitive people can feel these streakers and can be affected by the electrical buzz that crowds air space (strong lightning storms can produce similar effects).

If you are within that 10 to 40 mile radius you can feel some of the same effects as with earthquakes. However, if a number of tornadoes touch down within a short radius (as if together), you could feel a temporary paralysis - especially around the neck, larynx, shoulders, and major joints.

What I have done when caught in this type of situation, is to grab a lemon. Put it up to my nose, breathe its scent; if I can, squeeze some of the juice into a glass of water and drink it right down. Cranberries are also good for this. Drink a lot of water. Recenter yourself through meditative practices or good yoga stretches. Read outloud with the goal of speaking the words your eyes see. You may have to force this for a while, as speaking may be difficult or feel clumsy. Engage in hand/eye games, and jumping in place. Swallow, clear your throat, swallow again. Do head and neck exercises.

Under no condition eat sugar-anything, or drink any form of soft drinks or alcohol, or smoke, during or after the electrical effects accompanying either earthquakes or tornadoes (or lightning storms). You can usually clear up all biological effects within about two to three days, and return to normal diets/behaviors. You can be exposed if your electrical field is stripped or compromised. Fortunately, such exposure can be reversed using suggestions like given here. Do not hesitate to seek medical care if you feel you need it. Usually, though, a good healthcare professional can do the job and better. Self-care is fine once you know what to look for and how to handle it.

Blessings to all, PMH

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