Friday, May 31, 2013

IANDS Conference, and Dr Mary Neal

***  All the exciting details are out now about the conference of the International Association
for Near-Death Studies, August 29 through September 1, at the Sheraton Crystal
City Hotel, Arlington, Virginia.  The location is minutes away from Washington, D.C.
Keynoters are Anita Moorjani (NDEr and author of Dying to be Me), Eben Alexander,
M.D. (NDEr and author of Proof of Heaven), and Mary Neal, M.D. (NDEr and author
of To Heaven and Back).  There will be a panel of experts, speakers with topics
ranging from coping with a child’s suicide, physicians who have NDEs, chaplains on
death and dying, the latest research, comparing near-death kids with the new kids -
         plus a whole range of other speakers and workshops.

Register Now!!!!  at or call them at (919) 383-7940.

***  Description about the 3-hour workshop I will be giving at this Conference follows:
AND THEIR AFTEREFFECTS.  I intend this workshop to be specific and filled with
opportunities for attendees to speak up.  We will cover as much material as possible:
. . . the range of experiences and how they can differ.
. . . how one scenario can contradict another, even with children.
. . . why child experiencers (as they age) deal with integration very differently
than do adult experiencers.
. . . alarm bells for physicians and nurses
. . . alarm bells for ministers and psychologists
. . . suggestions for dealing with - family members, relationships, the puzzle
of unconditional love, sleep patterns and dreams, electrical sensitivity,
using computers, guidance and continued “downloading.”
. . . what the science of fluid dynamics tells us.
. . . a closer connection to God Presence

***  There is a great new video out on Mary Neal, M.D., one of our conference keynoters.
You can access it at

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