Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Big Book to be published

It looks like I will soon have a publisher for the NDE Sourcebook, the largest, most complete encyclopedia ever written on the near-death experience, and its aftereffects and implications. In essence the book will be a rewrite and update of the former Idiot's Guide to Near-Death Experiences, although with a new title, some new cartoons, and lots of new material. Be certain to watch my website at for the big announcement.

To all those listeners of Dave Bennett and Cindy Griffith-Bennett's radio talk show, who wrote in and told the publisher why the book should be done, to all of you I say thank you. Numbers of e-mails received has never been revealed to me. All the publisher would say is "I was flooded with them." Your willingness to express yourself made a giant difference!!! Without your e-mails, I do not think I could have interested anyone in the book.

That means that the entire winter will be spent with me working on the manuscript day and night. And that means I may have to cut down on e-mail traffic. Please continue to submit your questions for these columns, though, as I will continue to write them. Thanks again, PMH