Wednesday, May 01, 2019


*** Ken Ring’s new book is out and it’s funny.  Not like anything he has ever done before.  The title is Waiting to Die:  A Researcher’s (Mostly Humorous) Reflections on His Own Endgame.  You can get a cop via  “During his many years researching the near-death experience (NDE), Dr. Kenneth Ring was concerned with answering the question, “What is it like to die?”  In this book of fifteen sparkling and delightfully witty essays, his questions become more personal, “What is it like waiting to die”  More specifically, what is it like for an octogenarian who has spent half his life studying and writing about NDEs to face his own mortality? Get a copy. It’s really good!

*** IANDS has a new program and they need more individuals to come forward and agree to present it. . . everywhere you can!  The program is called:  “NDE The Essentials:  What You Need to Know About Near-Death Experiences.”  Dr. Yvonne Kason had five NDEs and is now on the Board of IANDS.  Help her out. Contact IANDS at, or call them at (919) 383-7940

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