Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Theatre of Life + Working with Near Death and Anesthesia States

**** In regards to integrating NDEs and other life transforming episodes, there is a special book about to come out, authored by Arleen Lorrance (OSO), called The Theatre of Life. I’ve known OSO for well over four decades, and I can say without hesitation her work and her ideas are exceptional. The Theatre of Life has been an experiential workshop run and facilitated by OSO and Diane Pike (Mariamne Paulus) for 26 years. Both are teachers of the highest order; their work utterly profound. I was lucky enough after I died to take several classes from them, and I am glad I did. This book (that has evolved from their workshops) is about uncovering your motivating forces, identifying purposes and objectives, becoming more adept at expressing artistically through your body, writing your own life story. Above all, making your life a work of art. To obtain a copy, contact: Teleos Institute, 7119 E. Shea Blvd., Suite 109, PMB 418, Scottsdale, AZ 85254.

**** Another giant who does profound work with people, helping them to integrate their experiences and face all aspects of who they are and what has happened to them in life, is Steven Levine. He is best known for his work in the death and dying field, deathbed experiences, hospice, and trauma. He is now offering workshops for practitioners and students who want to learn his techniques. The Advanced Level I is coming up October 29 through 31 in the Tiburon/Northern California area. Part of that event will be a Group Case Consultation day that is open to all levels of training. He calls this new step in his work,
Through the Eye of the Needle: Working with Near Death and Anesthesia States. The integration techniques he offers have stunning effects. If you are interested in attending the classes scheduled for this fall, or in finding out more about his techniques and how you can find a trained practitioner, access this website: . If you scroll down this website, about halfway, there is a video of Levine doing a session with a car accident survivor. Dramatic.

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