Monday, September 09, 2013

The IANDS Conference, New NDE Film, and a Call for Study Participants


* * * For those who missed the near-death conference in Arlington, Virginia, last week you can still order DVDs and CDs of the various talks. The conference produced by IANDS was the largest, best, and most exciting ever, in the history of such conferences. I mean this was exceptional! You especially want to get the one for "Panel: Physicians discuss their own NDEs and medical practices." With more and more medical physicians speaking up, this changes the conversation about what is real, what is fact, and what we can trust. The Panel with Chaplains was also exceptional. Yes, ministers are finally speaking up - Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Episcopalian. All speakers were of the finest we ever had, so anything you choose will be great. As to mine, "From Near-Death Kids to New Kids," you might want to download that paper from my website, - Article Section, alongwith all four charts, as my talk was interrupted by the noise of my necklace and me getting a little excited. Save your money and download the paper and four charts for free. You can contact IANDS for a copy of the order blank (2013 IANDS Conference),, or you can deal direct with the recording company, Backcountry Recording from Oregon - their e-mail is

**** The film "Near-Death Experience: What Medical Professionals Need to Know" is now finished and available - for purchase and/or for showing. This is absolutely outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please tell your hospital, doctors, nurses, EMT crews, everyone about this training film. Download the colorful and detailed brochure at

**** A very different research project is now underway. Ryan D. Foster, Ph.D., Marymount University and Jan Holden, Ed.D., University of North Texas are investigating "Spontaneous Mediumship Experiences of Near-Death Experiencers." To participate, just follow this line to the survey questions, fill it out, and submit your answers. Access:

**** Remember, The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences is once again available, but in limited release, until commercially available everywhere in the Spring of 2014. The two place where you can get the book now are: and With this edition, and from now on, IANDS owns the book. I gave it to them. Any royalties paid goes directly to them. By rights, IANDS, as the central clearinghouse of information and research on near-death experiences worldwide, should have this book. Now they do. 

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