Thursday, April 17, 2008

Special Challenges for NDE Survivors


*** Near-death experiencers as a whole are challenged by finances, careers, jobs, money, and expenses afterward. That's because they return filled to overflowing with either spiritual truth, a shifted sense of reality, or at least a more detached way of looking at things. It is commonplace for experiencers to quit their jobs, give away most or all of their money and possessions, and strive to live more simply and more in accord with service (volunteerism), prayer and meditation. Yet, as you can imagine, this different way of looking at things can create problems, sometimes disasters. In one case, recently brought to my attention, the puzzle of how to live afterward and help your family but still be true to what was experienced on the other side of death, led to a suicide. The near-death experiencer could not make the adjustment. He became consumed with the guilt of no longer being able to provide for his family in the manner he felt he should. A friend of his - Margo Spilde - has now launched a research project to seek out other stories, how many other experiencers have this challenge and what can be done to help them. I will carry Margo's entire letter to me on my
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