Tuesday, August 22, 2006

New Kids Update

NEW KIDS UPDATE ~ August 2006

What's in this update?

  • 'Kids Are Really Different These Days' Conference in London, Nov. 11th
  • Parenting Potential Workshop in London, Oct. 7th
  • Authentic Education new website


... Pioneering an Evolutionary World

Saturday, Nov. 11th, Columbia Hotel, Bayswater, London, UK

You don't want to miss this incredible opportunity to hear these leading edge, international speakers on the subject of the evolutionary world of children:

  • Annimac, intuitive futurist from Australia on The Evolutionary Generation ...The Secret World of Kids
  • Suzy Miller, multidimensional specialist from the USA on Multidimensional Awareness ... How Today's Children Experience The World
  • Alan Wilson, founder of Develop Your Child and The Energy Alliance from the UK on Parenting Potential ... Unleashing the Magnificence of Children
  • Soleira Green, global visionary and co-founder of The Evolutionary Network from the UK on Kids, Connection and Consciousness ...Pioneering an Evolutionary World

It's a conference not to be missed if you're passionate around anything to do with our wonderful new kids and the evolutionary possibilities they're demonstrating. This event will also be a book launch for The Energy Alliance's collaborative book, 'Kids Are Really Different These Days', with amazing chapters from transformational specialists working with children all over the world.

Conference Fee: £95.00

For more information or to register, visit www.theenergyalliance.com/conference.htm
or call 01634 668400.

... Creating a world where young people can blossom and grow

Saturday, Oct. 7th, Columbia Hotel, Bayswater, London, UK

Children are really different today, with new behaviours, gifts and abilities. As a result parenting is changing dramatically, drawing us more and more into conscious parenting for the realisation of our children's magnificent potential. This one day workshop will explore:

... How to see, recognise and encourage potential
... Operating from wholeness (yours and theirs)
... Unleashing potential within the family

... Listening beyond words
... Speaking to empower potential

... Energetic awareness
... Dealing with energetic sensitivity
... Creating an environment for potential to thrive
... Energetic exercises for fulfilled families

Trainers: Transformational specialists Lynne Healey and Alan Wilson
Fee: £75.00
For more information or to register, visit www.theenergyalliance.com/workshop.htm
or call 01634 668400.



Check out the new Authentic Education website at www.authenticeducation.org.uk and in particular, have a look at at the Vision section where there's a growing list of schools that are authentic educators.


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