Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Free Seminar


*** There are so many articles about near-death experiences appearing in newspapers, seemingly across the land, that I can hardly keep up with them. I suggest that you also access the News Section of my website at for links to my E-News, Facebook and Twitter pages.

 ***  One particular seminar coming up  on March 6, 12:45 PST, is online and it's free.  "The Keys to a Joyful, Healthy Life," features 40 leading experts - among them Gordon Davidson, Joan Borysenko, Dan Millman, Dr. Bernie Siegel, and many others.  And you can listen in. Register in advance (registration is also free) at: 

 ***  Don't forget the Afterlife Conference to be held in Virginia Beach,  VA, March 9-10-11.  Contact  

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