Monday, October 30, 2006

Conversations with God

Conversations with God The film "Conversations With God" is fabulous!!!!!!!! It is the story of Neale Donald Walsch and how he came to pen his many books about the conversations he had with God. Don't confuse him with people who channel or who are visited by apparitions of "ascended masters." This man is real and his story is really all our stories - of being lost, finding redemption, and then discovring the Source of True Power and True Faith. Soon it will be played in major movie houses across the United States. Do yourself a favor - don't miss this one!!!! PMH

I am happy to announce that Hampton Roads Publishing will bring out The Near-Death Experience Sourcebook (a revised version of the former Complete Idiot's Guide to NDEs). It will be larger, more dynamic, with "Sacred Cow" cartoons by SpiritPainter, and a host of startling new information that will completely amaze you! Watch this website for news of the publication date.

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