Sunday, November 04, 2018

The Forever Angels


* Barbara Bartolome, Founder/Director of the Santa Barbara IANDS group, 
was cleaning out a very stuffed garage, when she opened up some old 
boxes containing papers from her Dad.  In one turned out to be an article 
written by him (George B. Causey) - about his near-death experience.  
No one knew.  He never whispered even one word about it.  The article 
was not only a surprise but touching in its specialness.  Barbara gave me 
permission to post the entire story of the find, as well as the article itself, 
on my website.  It will be there soon, in the NDE Cases section.  
Then everyone can be amazed at what amazed her.  

Thank you, Barbara, for your graciousness.

* After many “squirks and squarks,” the manuscript for The Forever Angels is safe in the arms of the Editorial Department of Inner Traditions. 
Yes, this ground-breaking book will be out August, 2019.  Get prepared. 
This study of those who had an NDE at birth, as a babe or toddler, up to
age five, and womb memories will change what we think we know about
the near-death phenomenon.  Tiny ones are not like older children, tweens,
teens, or adults.  

Not only are they different, they tend to view older experiencers and their
talk about love and light as foreign and nonsensical.  A whole new view -
that will both scare you and thrill you.


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