Monday, July 16, 2007

Fire the Grid

On the 17th of July, 2007, hundreds of thousands of light workers around the world will join together for one hour to focus upon healing the Earth and mankind's relationship to the planet. This event is called "Fire the Grid," because its main focus is to heal and strengthen the human grid of consciousness that exists around this planet.

Every species of life on the planet has its own grid of consciousness. Whales and dolphins, being consciously telepathic, are fully aware of their grid. Other animals, such as monkeys, have been observed to enact a "Hundredth Monkey Effect," where new ideas are communicated telepathically to other monkeys without any physical contact. Humanity's mind belt, or grid, has been generally ignored by the waking consciousness of humanity for thousands of years. Access to the human grid has been relegated to the subconscious mind so that people could ignore their connectedness and play-act at pretending that they are separate from their brothers and sisters.

Today, with the upcoming, massive "Fire the Grid" celebration, we face a sudden revival of human connectedness. This event, which was inspired by light-beings after one woman's near-death experience, has been promoted by word of mouth recommendation within spiritual communities around the world for the past two years. Today, the event's web site,, has grown to be available in 14 languages!

"Fire the Grid" is shaping up to become a perfect storm of spiritual revival - something which, when taken together, is far more powerful than the sum of its individual components. The way that "Fire the Grid" is being promoted by today's spiritual leaders is a sure indication that we are approaching such a perfect storm and the next noticeable shift in human consciousness.

The one-hour "Fire the Grid" event will begin at 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time on Tuesday, 17th July, 2007. In British Summer Time, using the 24-hour clock, that's 12:11 hours. For people in New York, it's 7:11 am. In Sydney, Australia it's 9:11 pm (or 21:11 hours) on July 17th, and two hours later than that in New Zealand.

For people in California, the perfect cosmic hour starts at 4:11 am. Yes, 4:11 am! This is truly a chance to do something very different at four in the morning. Let's face it - the atmosphere will be so alive with special energy that morning, you won't be able to sleep anyway! And, bear in mind that the most creative time of each day is from 3 am to 5 am local time, so 4 am is really the perfect time to get up and heal the world on that day! My wife, Dreama, and I will be in California at the time, setting our alarm clock along with the rest of you on the West Coast.

Become a part of this potent and global transformation. Join in the biggest light party ever! When people around the world join together at the same time and Fire the Grid for one hour, they will be united in their souls, sharing love, peace, and harmony to create a better world for the people of Earth, today and in the future.

The organizers at are asking participants to allow the healing power of the cosmos to flow freely through them and into the center of the Earth. Then, see this energy of healing love come out into the atmosphere around the planet and fire the grid of human consciousness.

This event provides a golden opportunity to become a part of, and to cause, a massive shift in consciousness.

Namaste' Belle Newheart