Monday, December 23, 2013

Aftereffects of Transformative Experiences, Combat Veteran NDEs, Christmas Trees


*** I urge you to subscribe to my free monthly newsletter. You especially want the December 2013 issue, which went out December 19-20. There is a discussion in that issue about the Aftereffects of Transformative Experiences, with an emphasis on where most people crash: dealing with heightened sensitivities and supernatural gifts.

Wake up, folks.

It's not the high divorce rate, challenges with relationships/jobs/money, or a shift in belief systems that takes one into realms of spirit - that is the hardest to handle. Nope! The number one, consistent, in-your-face-every-day-what-do-I-do-about-this aftereffect. . . is. . . learning how to accept and utilize in a meaningful way the fact that you are now psychic, intuitive, wide-open to otherworldly realities and encounters, knowing, able to "download" from the spirit realms, and now view yourself and the world around you in abstract.

Time to admit what is true, the way it really is. Read that newsletter.

*** IANDS has now developed a brochure for Combat Veterans. Everybody's help is needed to distribute these brochures - Wounded Warriors Programs, American Legion, military offices and departments, hospitals, etc. If you can help, contact IANDS directly at Website:

There is no counseling, no training, no one in the military services of our country that in any way reaches out to veterans who have had near-death experiences. This must be changed. Please help.

*** Christmas Trees Around The World is not just a beautiful web-based offering. Each scene is identified and explained, culminating with photos of Christmas wreaths on military graves and how that came to be. Guaranteed to uplift and inspire. (Not a political endorsement).

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