Sunday, November 15, 2015

New NDE Aftereffects Resource


*** In late October, 2015, I sent out a special announcement about the new feature on my website. Click here, or go to, scroll over to “Resources” (which is a pull-down), and hit “Aftereffects.” Yes, for the first time anywhere, there exists a special place called “Aftereffects” where one can go to learn more about the physiological and psychological pattern of aftereffects, tips on how to handle them, charts of all kinds, including tips for parents on what to look out for with child experiencers. This section will expand. New material is already being added - like contacts for Veterans, and the reprint of a previous newsletter that went in-depth about electrical sensitivity and what to look out for especially with lightning storms, tornados, and earthquakes, and living near an electrical substation. Always open for suggestions. How do you handle your own “differences” and “changes” after your near-death episode? Write to me at and share what will. Always give me permission to quote, so I can use, print, publish anything you send. Please know I only use first names when I give quotes, unless the individual wants full name used.

*** The November issue of my newsletter contains the news about Dr. Raymond Moody’s latest projects, news about the latest scientific discovery about chimeras which directly concerns experiencers of near-death states, and, among other news (lots of news) an invitation to explore the Marketplace on my website. Just in case you didn’t know, I maintain the Marketplace free of charge to promote the arts, healing abilities, and services offered by experiencers of near-death states and those like them, plus I give contacts for organizations, including a seminary, that would be of special interest to those who have “changed” or want to. With Christmas right around the corner, please visit the Marketplace and be surprised. There’s a lot of gift potentials there, plus opportunities to meet some really amazing people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*** Please send in questions for my monthly Q&A blog. I’m running low on what I can use. Always give permission to print. I cannot use a single word you send until I get that permission. I always use first names, unless otherwise instructed. Thanks.

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