Wednesday, June 15, 2016

LAST CALL: July IANDS Conference and Atwater Near-Death Study

*** LAST CALL FOR THE BIG NEAR-DEATH CONFERENCE IN ORLANDO, FL. Dates are July 28-31. Info on, or call them at (919) 383-7940.

*** LAST CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS IN MY NEXT NEAR-DEATH STUDY. Anyone having had a near-death experience or something like it between womb and the age of five, please go to my website,, on the Home Page is the Call for Volunteers. Download it - a single page - follow the instructions. Note that it is not a quiz but a guidepost to help you go back in time and remember, connect, expand, and describe. You are not limited in pages sent. The last deadline is July 31st. PLEASE PARTICIPATE. THIS IS IMPORTANT!

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