Friday, April 12, 2019

Guideposts, Call for Volunteers, Forever Angels


*** Wonderful story prepared for “Guideposts” by NDE experiencer Nadia McCaffrey:  

*** Call for volunteers to help:  Dr. Yvonne Kason is now looking for people, anyone, who would travel throughout the U.S. or abroad presenting  the new IANDS’ program:  “NDEs:  The Essentials.”  If you are interested in helping out, contact IANDS at or call them at (919) 383-7940.  You can reach Dr. Kason through IANDS.

*** Now is the time to register for either or both international conferences during August where I will be debuting “The Forever Angels:  Near-Death Experiences in Childhood and Their Lifelong Impact.” August 16-19, Montreal, Quebec - International Conference of IIIHS, 
contact:  Phone 1-514-937-8359.  

August 29-September 1, Valley Forge, PA - 
International Conference of IANDS,
contact:  Phone 1-919-383-7940.