Sunday, May 10, 2009

1918 Flu (Success) Story

Ellen Louise Kahne is a healer whom I deeply respect. She sent me this true story from her own life, that she learned from a retired nurse, concerning the 1918 Flu Epidemic. It speaks volumes about epidemics and how to take care of oneself and others with simple items readily available. Perhaps we can all learn from this. As per the swine flu situation, investigators are closing in on pig farms in Mexico that were the result of outsourcing, where corporations “set up shop” in places where rules and standards were lax. What the various parties involved did to increase profits is bankrupting an entire nation. Is this how business is done today? PMH

1918 Flu (Success) Story:

In 1960, as a young teenager, I met an elderly retired nurse from Baddeck, Nova Scotia, on a trip to Canada. I vividly recall the story she told to my mother about the 1918 flu epidemic, during which she served at a hospital near her home.

The nurse was in her late 80s and said that she had never married.

In 1918, she was living with her sister and brother in law who were local farmers, who had a large family of young neices and nephews (9 children). She was very concerned with contracting the flu, which was killing massive numbers all over the world (including in her local area of Baddeck). Her colleagues (nurses and doctors) serving with her at the local hospital were dying daily right before her eyes. Even more so, she feared bringing home the infection to her family.

She said "people were dying like flies. You just couldn't keep up with it in the hospital. The sick and dying were everywhere."

So, she thought about what was readily available which would prevent flu transmission and keep her family healthy.

She knew that her family had a root cellar brimming with onions from the summer harvest. She insisted that each member of the family (including each of the kids) eat a whole raw onion every day, and she did th is herself.

She told my mom "Ours was the only family in the entire area which did not have one case of the flu, and I believe that it was the raw onions which we ate daily which kept us all from getting sick."

At the time, I was listening very quietly, thinking to myself "this bizarre little old lady is really can eating a raw onion every day keep you from getting a flu which killed more people than WWI?"

Now, knowing the antiviral and antibiotic properties of onions (and garlic) and the sulfur compounds which they contain, I have a quite different opinion.

I have never forgotten this nurse's story. Sometimes, it is the most simple thing which G-d provides in our environment which can the protective remedy for what is most threatening to health and life.

with peace, love, and blessings (for good health), Ellen Ellen Louise Kahne, founder Reiki Peace Network© and Reiki University™

P.S. Gary Null always recommended using citrus oil spray for germ killing properties, especially in closed spaces. Before 911, he used to carry a pocket sized can onto his airline flights and spray it around his seat, and where people were coughing and sneezing (that's not possible today, though, as people on any airline would panic, if you sprayed anything on a plane). The health food stores (including Whole Foods) carry=2 0a pump spray called "Air Therapy." This is basically orange oil derived from the citrus peel. I have used this for years to disinfect a "sick" room or space where people have been coughing and sneezing, as well as for the bathroom. Citrus oil (used on any surface) will kill germs, too.