Wednesday, March 05, 2008

IANDS is Moving

The International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) is moving from Storrs, Connecticut, where it's been for more years than most of us care to count, to Durham, North Carolina, to share facilities with the Rhine Institute - which is next door to several important universities. This couldn't be a better move. IANDS will now have an opportunity to initiate programs and offerings they've never been able to do before, even though they wanted to.

Here's the new contact information:

International Association For Near-Death Studies
2741 Campus Walk Avenue, #500
Durham, NC 27705-8878

(919) 383-7940 voice/fax

IANDS is now accepting pledges, donations, gifts, whatever you can send that will help them raise at least $100,000 to establish their new programs. The near-death experience, in case you haven't noticed, is now a hot topic worldwide, and here's why:

Because of four clinical prospective studies done in three countries, plus a plethora of papers now published in peer-reviewed journals, the near-death experience is the number one choice of scientists worldwide to study consciousness itself. Things like out-of-body experiences, the dead come back, visitors from the Other Side, otherworldly journeys, are no longer relegated to oxygen deprivation, anoxia, the dying brain, or hallucinations. Although we still do not know what causes this phenomenon, we now know what doesn't.

This major shift in research began several years ago and is picking up speed. The days of myth and lore are now behind us. The near-death experience is real; it is a valid phenomenon with medical, psychological, and spiritual concerns that can no longer be tossed off or ignored.

Please, send a gift to IANDS today! They thank you for anything you can do, and so do I.

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