Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Near-Death Phenomenon Online Course and Experiencer Retreats ]

The International Association For Near-Death Studies (IANDS) now has available an online course covering the near-death phenomenon. Called "Near-Death Experience: An Online Educational Course," it is designed primarily for healthcare professionals, but can be used by anyone. CEU credits are currently available for some; later on for people nationwide. Dubed the "best-ever introductory course," you can see for yourself by accessing this address:
Anyone interested should contact IANDS directly at

Dates have been set for future near-death experiencer retreats at The Mercy Center, St. Louis, MO. These dates are:

  • July 15-18, 2010
  • May 12-15, 2011
  • April 27-30, 2012

IANDS sponsors these highly successful spiritual retreats, led by Linda Jacquin, Dave Bennett, and Bill Taylor. The website to learn more about experiencer retreats is To reach those in charge, contact: