Thursday, July 26, 2012

Phoenix Conference, Huffington Post, and Veterans' NDEs

*** If you haven’t registered yet for the big near-death conference to be held in Phoenix, please do so right away. Contact the International Association for Near-Death Studies,, or call them at (919) 383-7940.

*** For whatever reason, Huffington Post has published several articles of late about the near-death phenomenon that miss entirely the incredible research done - and - miss entirely the pattern of physiological and psychological aftereffects that clearly set the experience apart from all other drugged and medical procedures. It’s the aftereffects that validate the near-death experience, not the other way around.

*** IANDS has now produced a brochure on near-death experiences geared entirely for veterans and the military. IANDS is now working on programs to reach veterans, especially through the Wounded Warriors group. Anything you can do to help, contact IANDS at

*** Sign up to receive my free monthly newsletter. You can do this on my website at An issue just went out, there will soon be another, and the August issue after that. Near-death experience is now once again a “hot” topic and there is much to share. The newsletter is my main avenue for that sharing. Past issues are archived.

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