Wednesday, October 12, 2011

NDE Research


There are several NDE research opportunities you can participate in. Take your pick -

Electromagnetic Aftereffects:

Contact Cheryl Fracasso, M.S. She is working on her Doctoral Thesis for Saybrook University. This is not the same project being done by Dr. Bruce Greyson. This is another one, equally important. Contact her at for details. This study runs between 10-1-11 and 9-1-12. So, you can easily jump in now.

Parenting and Survey Issues:

Ryan Rominger, Ph.D. has two assistants for this duo-study. One concerns Near-Death Experiences and Parenting. For this contact Jennifer Hill, Ph.D. at or call her at (727) 772-3888. You may also contact Dr. Rominger. The other covers Surveys and their appropriate use. Contact him at or call him at (650) 219-5016 or (650) 493-4430, extension 7309.

Dr. Moody’s latest book is causing quite the buzz

The book is Glimpses of Eternity. In it he establishes a new mode of study, as concerns “shared-death experiences.” I have written quite a bit about this phenomenon and show you how to participate in one (under the heading of empathic experiences), in my book The Big Book of Near-Death Experiences. There is more and more coming out, now that more people are reporting being able to accompany their loved one as the individual dies. Yes, these journeys automatically stop once individuals go as far as they can (so there’s no fear of “going too far”). Still, for those who share their loved ones death, their lives are forever changed.....almost as if they had undergone a near-death experience themselves. These are powerful shared journeys, that are changing how we regard life as well as death.

No longer discussed...

Is that most near-death episodes that happen to women occur during or because of birth, miscarriage, rape, or hysterectomies. Most of the data collected today comes from research with cardiac patients - because it’s easier to do and because verifications come naturally from the machinery hooked up to the patients. This is skewing figures, research papers, and the material available to experiencers. One person very concerned about this is Eileen Tapper-McKelvey. A particular project she has undertaken concerns miscarriages and how the NDE that occurred affects the woman involved. Since all three of mine followed in fairly quick order after a miscarriage, I am acutely aware of the effects. Eileen has designed “The B.I.R.T.H Model Curriculum for Miscarriage Bereavement” as a result. It consists of a book entitled Into the Clear Blue Sky, articles, therapy protocols, classes, discussion groups, etc. She needs help increasing the scope of this project. Please contact her if you want to participate, have ideas to share, or access to funding. Eileen’s e-mail . This project is well-done yet needs a little kick-start to involve more people and expand the program. Do get a hold of Eileen.

The Afterlife Awareness Conference

This conference slated for March 9 through 11 in Virginia Beach, VA will be huge. The cast of speakers is among the best I have seen for this topic, authentic talent of exceptional skill and heart. Contact Terri Daniel about registering at . Website is

One more announcement

Susan Babcock notified me that the global movement for peace that began in September has morphed into the growing movement about corporate greed. Their goal is to connect with 144,000 world peacemakers in every country by October 28th - just two weeks away. There will be sacred ceremonies all over our planet on 11-11-11 to change world consciousness. You can participate in this. Link to . Please do what you can.

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