Thursday, December 15, 2016

Marketplace, Call for Questions, & New Articles


*** Be sure to visit the Marketplace on my website: There are so many wonderful things there: services, products, groups, healing modalities, artists, psychics. The Marketplace is a free service I offer to near-death experiencers and those like them - a place where they can introduce themselves and share with you what they have to offer. I call your attention to the razor cradle. I have one and have been using it for decades. I shave legs and such once a week. So far, a single razor blade, laying on the cradle, has held pristine sharpness for over a year. This clever inexpensive gadget has saved me a great deal of money buying new blades. The man who invented the magnetic cradle is a retiree from IBM. Look it up, and look up the many other offerings. You will be amazed!!!!!!!!!!

*** Hey everybody. I am running out of questions to answer. Just had to throw away four of them because the people involved refused to give me “permission to use.” Since I only use first names, or am willing to use a made-up-name, privacy issues should not be a problem. What I say to you in a Q&A might be helpful to others; hence, my blog site. So, please help me help others. Thanks!

*** Do get on my website, in the Article Section, and read two new posts: one on Natural Lithium (which every experiencer should read), and the other one on Adventures in Istanbul about my recent trip there. 

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