Thursday, June 07, 2018

Don't miss!


Don’t miss the June issue of my free monthly newsletter. I talk about the incredible “coincidence” of the planet Uranus moving into the sign of Taurus at the same time the block-buster book Tailspin by Steven Brill came out. Uranus means change, sudden change, that sweeps away the past to make run for the new - the disrupter. Taurus means earth, what we have, banks, investments, stock markets, our homes, our farms, what we eat, how we do things, our pleasures. Into this maelstrom up pops Tailspin, the most important book to come out in decades. Brill shows us exactly how we have been hurting ourselves for the last five decades, what we did wrong, how and why. It’s not Trump. It’s us. What we let happen. Real facts. Real truth. Much of the rest of the June edition focuses on the question, is the universe alive, does it have a consciousness? You’ll be very surprised at what science has discovered. And that’s not half of it. Subscribe now.

And don’t miss the big near-death conference the last part of August and the first few days of September. Really huge. Great speakers. Come! Register now at Yup, I’ll be there too.

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