Saturday, April 21, 2007

Books for Prison

I am carrying this announcement because it is important and I am hoping that there are people who read my 'News' who might be willing to donate books to Kay for use in prisons or might help pay for the shipping costs. If you would like to help, please contact Kay directly at: Kay/Quest <>. Thanks, PMH

Dear friends,

I want to thank those who have brought in books for the people in prison. I am so grateful as the letters and requests continue to increase from the men and the women. We also receive many letters of gratitude for what we do. One man said, Please send me books with lots of pictures. "It is so depressing looking at these cinder block walls all the time." We take so much for granted and forget that those who are locked away do not see the sights and beauty that we do. We receive over 100 each week. The word spreads that they can get good free books by writing to Quest Institute.

I am wondering if there is anyone who has some extra time to come and help with this project. Three or four hours a week would be very helpful. There is always sorting and shelving to do as well as reading the letters and selecting the books to send. It is quite amazing to see the variety of books that have been donated and often we have just the book that someone is requesting.

I would invite you to come and read some of the letters.

Titles that we don't usually have and are requested often are books on building, carpentry, masonry,how to start your own business, African American authors and history. how to learn to draw, gardening, books on sign language, western and Spanish novels. We were able to purchase Spanish/English dictionaries and we get a lot of requests for those. For some reason, they do not allow any books in another language that does not have the English translation so we can't send books written in Spanish.

And we are always grateful for any donation, small or large to buy some of the books and pay the UPS postage bills which are very high.

Thank you once again,

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