Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A Letter of Love


I enjoyed visiting your website.
Reading your words inspired me to share the following:

On 9/11 2001, I was scheduled to be at the World Trade center. The meeting was canceled and my life was saved. This experience was an inspiration to write a "letter to my daughters". In this letter I share my faith, hope, love and experiences. My loving intent is to remind everyone to do the same. People worry about material things by leaving "Wills" but our hopes, faith and love are left to memories. Why not write a letter /make a video for your loved ones. If everyone just took the time to reflect our world would immediately grow in love and peace.

In addition to above, my brother was a NJ State trooper and worked at ground zero. He passed over from cancer last year. In his honor and based on my own experiences above. I developed a web-site titled

Please visit and send the message to your viewing audience.
The website is free and I am not selling anything except Peace and Love.

On this site I posted my brother's letter that he wrote before his passing.
I also share my experiences with energy healing, life after death & modern day miracles...

I would be honored if you had a link to my website from your site,
Also, please pass this message on to your friends and family

Thanks for your time
You can reach me at

In Peace and Love

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