Saturday, August 06, 2011

Beyond Belief


**** If you missed the ABC show “Beyond Belief” about the near-death experience,
you can still watch it at . There is
also an interview you can watch about the show between Jeffrey Long, M.D. and
Caroline Myss -
experience/story?id=14221154 . No, my work is not mentioned. I was
interviewed for the show. They dropped me when I was unable to find a child
near-death experiencer able to appear with me.

**** Registration is now open for the Second Annual Afterlife Awareness Conference.
This one will be held in Virginia Beach, VA, March 9 through 11, 2012. Guest
speakers are many - one of the most exciting lineups I have seen in a long, long
time. Yes, I will be there, too. Terri Daniel is the producer of this event. You
can contact her at Her website is http://www.Afterlife
You can also access information about the conference from .

**** For those who want to tap into inner guidance and the eternal quest for self-
discovery, here is a clear, inspiring and lucid explanation of how to do this via the
book Soul Writing by Joanne DiMaggio. E-mail Joanne at
for more information. You can order the book directly from Olde Souls Press,
P. O. Box 6475, Charlottesville, VA 22906. It is just out. The website, by the way,
is .

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