Monday, February 25, 2013

"Erasing Death" and A Spiritual Retreat in May

***  A radio show on “After-Death Experiences” was aired a few days ago on “Fresh Air” with Terry Gross (  The show was an interview with Sam Parnia, M.D.  The program, in addition to book excerpts, introductory text, and interview highlights, can be heard/seen at this link.

***  2013 Spiritual Retreat for Near-Death Experiencers will be held May 16-19, at Mercy Center, St. Louis, Missouri.  There is a maximum of 25 attendees who may come, so register right away at   

The retreat starts Thursday May 16th with dinner, and ends Sunday May 19th at noon.  This year they plan to include a trip to Butterfly House on Thursday before the Retreat starts, so plan on arriving around noon if you want to go. I cannot even  begin to praise this Retreat highly enough.  I’ve been to one and they are exceptional, a rare opportunity with fellow experiencers to delve deeplyand intimately into the spiritual aspects of one’s own experience.  Three near-death experiencers produce this retreat.  They are:  Linda A. Jacquin, (636) 332-9918,; Bill Taylor, (410) 531-3330,; and David Bennett, (315) 350-9900, Feel free to contact them and ask any questions you wish.  

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