Saturday, June 22, 2013

Free Newsletter, The Peace Pentagon, IANDS Conference

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. . . The Peace Pentagon is now being built. All permits have been obtained, all road allowances have been done. This is a major step forward towards a dialogue between all faiths and spiritual traditions. The building overlooks The New River - said to be the oldest river in the world. The New River borders the states of Virginia and North Carolina. The energy there is uniquely powerful. Laura George has spearheaded and planned the project, facing one challenge after another, including attacks against her by local fundamentalists. She won out and proved that the Oracle Institute and the Peace Pentagon are truly positive, interfaith opportunities for world peace and spirituality. Should you want to help out or contribute towards finishing the Peace Pentagon building, contact:;; The Oracle Institute, 1990 Battlefield Drive, Independence, VA 24348; (276) 773-3308.

. . . Be certain to sign up for the huge IANDS conference in Washington, D.C. the last of August. Contact:;

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