Wednesday, March 16, 2016

"Glimpses of Beyond" to Come!


March 18 I will be in Kansas City, Missouri, presenting the “Glimpses of Beyond” program for PSI: ADVENTURES IN CONSCIOUSNESS. This event will happen at the Unity Temple, 7:00 pm (cash/check only). Contact Marlene Asbury at for more Information. There will be a potluck gathering the night before if you are interested.

May 13-15 I’ll be presenting the “Glimpses of Beyond” program, as part of “Our Journey Back to God: Reincarnation, Life After Life, And the Continuity of the Soul” conference at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach, VA. Featured will be Neale Donald Walsch (author of Conversations With God), and John Holland (psychic medium and spiritual teacher). If you’ve never attended an A.R.E. conference at the headquarters of the Edgar Cayce readings, you’ve missed a great and wonderful adventure. For more info, call 1-800-333-4499 or visit .

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