Saturday, January 24, 2015

Coming Events and Malware Warning!


Conscious Life Expo****February 6-8, I will be at the Conscious Life EXPO in Los Angeles, CA, LAX Hilton, presenting two programs plus being on the George Noori panel. Check their website for more information - .

****Please check the Engagement Calendar at the top of the Home Page on my website - - from time to time, as I will be doing more traveling this year. Opportunities are popping up, so stay tuned.

****Piracy of my books has now become an issue. A publishing company may have translated my book Beyond the Indigo Children into Russian and is offering it as a free download. If this is the case, the company has violated all copyright rules and is operating without permission or agreement. Yes, this gets the book out to more people, yet the "scuttlebutt" is they are attaching malware to each download. Should you get a copy, you may also be getting far more than you bargained for. DON'T DOWNLOAD THIS BOOK !

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