Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Register Now for These Unique Conferences


Register NOW for the big, giant near-death conference to be held August 30-September 2 in Bellevue, Washington. Sponsored by IANDS, this one will feature “The Aftereffects.” Yes, I’m going. For you to come too, register on www.iands.org, or call the office at services@iands.org. Their phone is (919) 383-7940.

A conference on Co-Creative Spirituality, sponsored by the Findhorn Foundation in Findhorn, Scotland, is September 22-28. Yes, this is the famous gardens of Findhorn, where, after decades of breaking all rules about gardening in sandy soil in the cold northlands of western Scotland, they are now devoted to “growing people,” passing on to others how to use their methods of working with angels and fairies in the Unseen Worlds. I’ve been there. The place is truly magic, and wondrous, and more than incredible. The conference webpage is www.findhorn.org/programmes/co-creative-spirituality. Any questions, contact editor@findhorn.org. 

“Consciousness Continues” is a video project of Heather Dominguez that has several sections. The whole program is masterful. Heather is certainly a very creative and clever producer who has given all of us an opportunity to view near-death experiences in a unique way. Episode 2 is now on Amazon and available to rent. Your link to use is: https://www.amazon.com/Before-My-Near-Death-Experience/dp/B0736FN3JC/. 

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