Monday, April 30, 2007

Tom Sawyer

Two days ago the world lost a precious soul to pulmonary fibrosis - the "real" Tom Sawyer, the bike racer who died while doing some mechanic work on his vehicle (his chest was crushed), only to return very much alive after a visit to the otherworldly realms beyond death during his near-death experience. Part of his aftereffects was writing down in notebook after notebook all manner of physics, formula after formula, names, information about people, future happenings....things he had absolutely no knowledge of nor interest in....a veritable "download" of advanced material that wouldn't quit coming. Ever!

This confused him and panicked his wife and family. Tom went on to share this ongoing font of knowledge with near-death researchers, with friends, with the one of the most generous, open, and loving marathons I have ever witnessed. His heart-light became so big, so bright, it was as if one of heaven's greatest stars had come to bless the earth. To know him was to love him. Sidney Saylor wrote two books about Tom. Check them out if you are interested: "What Tom Sawyer Learned From Dying" (Hampton Roads, Charlottesville, VA, 1993). And: "Tom Sawyer and the Spiritual Whirlwind" (
Om Chamois Publishing, Berea, KY, 2000). --PMH

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