Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Nadia McCaffrey Seriously Ill

To the Near-Death Community of Healers and Helpers:

I have just been advised that Nadia McCaffrey is seriously ill. She is in Redding, California, with her former husband, to obtain the medical help she needs, as she is not covered by any type of insurance. I do not know her condition.

Let me tell you a little about Nadia. She is French, Americanized long since, and a fierce defender of whatever is just and right. She has gone to bat for countless people of all races, defending them, taking on corporate giants all by herself, and winning the compensation that was denied employees and the fair right to trial. She is the epitome of a child experiencer of a near-death state, and is part of my original research - her case is in "The New Children and Near-Death Experiences." She has had several other near-death states in adulthood. Her son was killed in Iraq by one of the locals he was trying to help - the situation becoming her next project - to help and to heal veterans who returned with serious mental conditions. She was the first Gold Star Mother to allow the media to film her son's coffin - against the strong objection of the U.S. Army. Because of her, the media can now film all aspects of a soldier's demise and the effect that has on their families. With this new project, she has opened up Retreat House for soldiers all over this country, made trips to Iraq herself, and become a spokesperson for the real truth about the war. Nadia has never asked for a penny for herself - all monies she has raised go directly to the Retreat Houses and their staffs. Her efforts have helped thousands of people, in this country and in Jordan and Iraq.

I am calling upon all people who will, to unite in prayer for Nadia McCaffrey. Our prayers have been requested by those closest to her. I affirm, as I know you do, that God's Great Healing Love surrounds and fills Nadia, for she is a precious child of the Most High, beloved of countless souls, a servant of God ever since she was touched by "The White Lady" during her childhood near-death experience. I invoke Divine Order, in accord with whatever is best for her highest good and the highest good of all concerned.

Thank you, all of you, for praying for Nadia. Blessings, PMH