Saturday, April 11, 2009

Margaret Fields Kean

Margaret died the first time back in 1978 from severe phlebitis, and then she came back - much to the surprise of family and medical staff. The near-death experience she had at that time was extraordinary, but not nearly as amazing as what came next with her sudden ability to heal others. I'd like to quote from some of her story that appears in my book, "Beyond the Light" (pages 83 to 88):
"When Fields Kean revived, the nurses were in a state of panic; pandemonium reigned. Irritated at first by the abruptness of her reentry, Field Kean nonetheless took on the role of healer: She spoke softly to the boy shot in the neck and soothed him to sleep (the nurses later thanked her); she "projected" into the isolation room of a white boy charred black by severe burns and counseled him about his purpose in life and told him it was okay if he chose to die, for God was loving and he had nothing to fear."
When Margaret described her visit with the young boy, she told me she just floated right through the wall of that room and sat on the boy's bed. He saw her and they conversed verbally. She introduced herself, and asked why he was there. They had a long talk about death. The boy was worried about his parents, what would happen to them after he left. With loving assurances from Margaret, he calmed down and smiled at her.

When near-death researchers talk about being able to verify the stories experiencers tell - stories about shoes that were seen out-of-body and a man's false teeth and where a nurse put them - Margaret's visit with this boy is one of the most stunning I have come across, FULLY verified by the parties involved. Here's the rest of her story:
"Months later, while continuing her recovery and still in great pain, Fields Kean was attending a horse show when a couple, hearing the loudspeaker announce her daughter's name as a winner, sought her out. They were the parents of the severely burned boy. Before he had died, he had told them about the meeting with her and relayed all the wonderful truths she had told him about God and about life. The parents were thrilled to have finally located her so they could say thanks for what she had done for their son. The dying boy had identified her by name - EVEN THOUGH THE TWO HAD NEVER PHYSICALLY SEEN EACH OTHER OR VERBALLY SPOKEN IN ANY MANNER, NOR HAD ANY NURSE KNOWN THAT THE TWO HAD EVER COMMUNICATED, NOR HAD IT EVER BEEN POSSIBLE THAT SHE COULD HAVE KNOWN IF THE ISOLATION ROOM WAS EVEN OCCUPIED WHEN SHE "PROJECTED" INTO IT."
Later on, Margaret developed the Results System, a technique that enables anyone to access the wisdom of "inner knowing." Her system of healing took off, hundreds were trained, thousand were affected; and she even took the system to Africa where she trained the "sangomas" (native healers) of Swaziland and Transkei. Countless people owe their good health to this woman; countless more were touched by her generosity of spirit, her love, her gentle ways, her joy. If there was ever an angel come to earth, it is Margaret Fields Kean.

Margaret died for the second time, leaving her body at 2:00 am, April 8, 2009, with her husband Leonard Kean by her side, family and close friends. God's Heaven is blessed to have her now in residence. The rest of us are blessed to have ever known her. This fall, "Beyond the Light" is reissued by Transpersonal Publishing. In the year she finally returns Home, the book with her story in it is finally republished.

God bless you, Margaret. PMH

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