Monday, December 04, 2017

Upcoming Events


  • Please look through the Marketplace on my website when doing your Christmas shopping.  There might be something special there for you to buy and give to others.  I operate the Marketplace as a public service for near-death experiencers and those like them, to display and promote their services and products.  You will be amazed at what all is in there, even shops where you can buy homemade gifts, art places, healing services, magnetic “cradles” for razors to keep blades sharp, architects, a seminary for metaphysical/all faiths training.  Visit the Marketplace.  See for yourself the treasures within and the fantastic people who produce them.  

  • December 9 and 10 I will be in Seattle, Washington, giving a talk for the IANDS group there on Saturday, then a workshop the next day at East West Bookstore.  Details in the Engagement Calendar, Home Page of my website at  

  • January 6th I will be at the A.R.E. Headquarters building giving a talk and workshop for the local IANDS group there.  The next day, the sermon at the Church dedicated to Paul Solomon.  Ask for directions.

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