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Dateline April 10, 2006, ABC News carried an article headlined "Neuroscientist Finds Possible Explanation of Near-Death Experiences - Mysterious Phenomenon May Be Related to Sleep Disorder."

Dr. Kevin Nelson of the University of Kentucky is the author of this study. An official reply to this will be coming from Jeffrey Long, M.D. Until then, please know this. The questions asked of participants were extremely ambiguous, so much so as to miss the point of the study. The control group consisted of friends and colleagues of Nelson - not the type of people representative of the public at large. And, it was ABC News who claimed Dr. Nelson's study "explained" near-death experiences. Dr. Nelson made no such claim in his paper.

Because changes in sleep patterning and dream states occur with the majority of experiencers after their episode, and are part of the acknowledged aftereffects of the near-death phenomenon, this study by Dr. Nelson of possible sleep disorders as causal to near-death states is invalid. In order for Dr. Nelson's study to be applicable, he would have to have conducted before-and-after investigations to establish a proper baseline to even know what he is dealing with. To use the conclusions he offered or even suggest effect before cause violates scientific protocol.

The sensationalism caused by this study is entirely the result of ABC News and their failure to properly investigate the report as submitted to them. Apparently their staff was more interested in making headlines than in reporting news. ...PMH

30 Years of Near-Death-Experience Research: Integrating the Past, Anticipating the Future

2006 IANDS Annual Conference
October 25-28 University of Texas - MD Anderson Cancer Center Houston, TX

30 Years of Near-Death-Experience Research: Integrating the Past, Anticipating the Future

The IANDS 2006 annual conference will be unprecedented. For the first time, it will be cosponsored and held at one of the world’s largestmedical complexes, the University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center. Most of the world’s leading NDE researchers and experts will be speaking, including Raymond Moody, Peter Fenwick, Pim Van Lommel, Janice Holden, Bruce Greyson, PMH Atwater, Sam Parnia, Pam Kircher, Maggie Callanan, and many, many more. This gathering will be unparalleled since Raymond Moody’s Life after Life was first published 30 years ago.

The four-day conference will be divided into two separate segments. The first 2 days will be a comprehensive and critical review of 30 years of NDE research, recommendations for future research, and applications for palliative, end-of-life, and other clinical and educational settings. The second two days will include specialized presentations on the past 30 yers of near-death studies as well as panel discussions of recent developments and future directions. In addition, there will be sessions in the latter two days devoted to the needs and interests of experiencers.

Registration for each two-day segment will be separate, though interested participants are encouraged to attend all four days. The first two-day segment is especially designed for anyone seeking in-depth knowledge of NDE research and its applications, and is ideal for physicians, psychologists, nurses, counselors, social workers, emergency medical technicians, clergy, chaplains, and any other physical, psychological, or spiritual health-care providers.

Continuing education credits (CEs) are already approved for nurses, National Certified Counselors, and various Texas healthcare professionals. We are seeking CEs for additional ategories of health providers. Visit the IANDS website for the most current developments.

Save money on discounted early bird registration before September 10.

For a more detailed description, go to and click on the Conference tab. Please forward this notice to those who would be interested.

We hope you can join us at the MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston for this extraordinary event.