Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Science, Caregivers, BBC NDEs, & Children of the Fifth World

***  Dr. Eben Alexander made Newsweek Magazine again, with an article by him entitled, “The Science of Heaven:  Can consciousness exist when the body fails?  One neurosurgeon says he has seen it firsthand - and takes on critics who vehemently disagree” (pages 24/25, 12-3-12).  Get a copy if you can, and read it.  Eben is well-suited for this task - of taking on the medical community in a masterful way.

***  Attention nurses, caregivers, physicians, medical staff:  Nancy Clark is now doing research on what you folks experience.  What happens to you when a patient dies or has a near-death experience or a deathbed vision?  Do you see, hear, feel anything, too?  Do you find yourself accompanying your patient as far as you can?  Do you find yourself involved?  Do you receive “instructions” of any kind or feel yourself doing something you would not normally do?  Have you ever?  Please contact Nancy Clark at  Her website is  Nancy was part of my original research base, having had both a near-death and a near-death-like experience.  She has written several books, and is passionate about taking this on as another research project. . .  a very needed one.

***  Here is a BBC documentary on Near-Death Experiences, and another video of interest:, and  

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