Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tony Cicoria - Post NDE Composer

Tony Cicoria, M.D., is the physician who could suddenly play the piano and compose music after being hit by lightning in 1994 and having a near-death experience. His story is truly amazing and so is his mucic. Thanks to Dave Bennett and the Upstate New York Friends of IANDS group, we now have a listing of Dr. Cicoria’s music. Enjoy, PMH

Very Exciting news

Tony Cicoria now has his Music CD Available.

Dr. Cicoria's musical career began rather remarkably when he was struck by lightning in 1994 while speaking on a public telephone during a family reunion near Albany. Shortly thereafter he developed an insatiable desire to hear and to play the piano. Around the same time, music started coming to him ·first in a dream, some of which ultimately contributed to the original compositions featured on this CD.

On the CD

1 Fantasia, Op.1, The Lightning Sonata, Movement 1

2 Fantasia, Op.1, The Lightning Sonata, Movement 2

3 Fantasia, Op. 1, The lightning Sonata, Movement 3

4 Rhapsody in D Minor, Op. 3, In Memory of John Lusins, MD

5 Nocturne, Op. 2

You can order his CDs online at

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