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Fire the Grid

On the 17th of July, 2007, hundreds of thousands of light workers around the world will join together for one hour to focus upon healing the Earth and mankind's relationship to the planet. This event is called "Fire the Grid," because its main focus is to heal and strengthen the human grid of consciousness that exists around this planet.

Every species of life on the planet has its own grid of consciousness. Whales and dolphins, being consciously telepathic, are fully aware of their grid. Other animals, such as monkeys, have been observed to enact a "Hundredth Monkey Effect," where new ideas are communicated telepathically to other monkeys without any physical contact. Humanity's mind belt, or grid, has been generally ignored by the waking consciousness of humanity for thousands of years. Access to the human grid has been relegated to the subconscious mind so that people could ignore their connectedness and play-act at pretending that they are separate from their brothers and sisters.

Today, with the upcoming, massive "Fire the Grid" celebration, we face a sudden revival of human connectedness. This event, which was inspired by light-beings after one woman's near-death experience, has been promoted by word of mouth recommendation within spiritual communities around the world for the past two years. Today, the event's web site,, has grown to be available in 14 languages!

"Fire the Grid" is shaping up to become a perfect storm of spiritual revival - something which, when taken together, is far more powerful than the sum of its individual components. The way that "Fire the Grid" is being promoted by today's spiritual leaders is a sure indication that we are approaching such a perfect storm and the next noticeable shift in human consciousness.

The one-hour "Fire the Grid" event will begin at 11:11 am Greenwich Mean Time on Tuesday, 17th July, 2007. In British Summer Time, using the 24-hour clock, that's 12:11 hours. For people in New York, it's 7:11 am. In Sydney, Australia it's 9:11 pm (or 21:11 hours) on July 17th, and two hours later than that in New Zealand.

For people in California, the perfect cosmic hour starts at 4:11 am. Yes, 4:11 am! This is truly a chance to do something very different at four in the morning. Let's face it - the atmosphere will be so alive with special energy that morning, you won't be able to sleep anyway! And, bear in mind that the most creative time of each day is from 3 am to 5 am local time, so 4 am is really the perfect time to get up and heal the world on that day! My wife, Dreama, and I will be in California at the time, setting our alarm clock along with the rest of you on the West Coast.

Become a part of this potent and global transformation. Join in the biggest light party ever! When people around the world join together at the same time and Fire the Grid for one hour, they will be united in their souls, sharing love, peace, and harmony to create a better world for the people of Earth, today and in the future.

The organizers at are asking participants to allow the healing power of the cosmos to flow freely through them and into the center of the Earth. Then, see this energy of healing love come out into the atmosphere around the planet and fire the grid of human consciousness.

This event provides a golden opportunity to become a part of, and to cause, a massive shift in consciousness.

Namaste' Belle Newheart


At 3:30 AM, Blogger Mara said...

Greetings dear one,

Today I was led to your website this was a wonderful blessing thank you.
As I read one of your articles,( I found through a search engine) my thoughts were she is a great writer I hope she has written a book or is thinking of writing one. Once I finished reading the article, I browsed your website and realized that I have most of your books. What a wonderful surprise. I AM truly a taking in all your information into spirit…joyfully exploring.

I want to share the experience that I had the night of “Fire the Grid.” I mentioned to my grown children that this event was taking place gave them instructions and headed to my room for meditation. (Two of my grown children and my two grandchildren live with me at the present time…it is a blessing in disguise ;) )
My nine-year-old granddaughter Alissa followed me into my room she said nana can I stay up and heal the earth with you tonight. I told her that it was late and she would be asleep she said I will set my alarm I really want to do the meditation with you. She gave me a kiss and headed to her room. At exactly 4:00 A.M., she was at my door sleep eyed and all.

We began our meditation sitting in lotus position on my bed facing each other with our hands on front facing upward eyes closed. She then proceeded to put her palms on mine I felt a surge of energy as our auras blended with a beautiful spiraling golden light. Suddenly we heard shuffling steps with both opened our eyes and looked around the room seemed to glow (only the two us in the room… physically that is). We looked at each other, closed our eyes, and continued with our meditation. Alissa whispers Nana is it ok to talk? She said I know what’s going to happen in a few years after the Earth get’s more healing. She stayed quite for a moment as if listening she continued to speak after a few seconds she said We are all going to be taken up in a space ship by those that love us in the stars up in the universe. After the Earth is completely healed, then they will bring us back to Earth… but it will be different. There will be no wars and no hungry kids no one will be mean to each other. All the animals are new and happy. Then she stopped for a moment and then said nana it looks so different like really bright and sparkly. A lot of people so happy no one is loud like now…nana I wonder if my daddy and Daniel (her mom’s new fiancé) will fight while we are on the ship? In the same breath, she said Oh that’s right only people that get along will be going with us no wars only love. She then closed her eyes and remained quite for the rest of the hour meditation.

I whispered sweet one the meditation is over she said I know she springs up, kissed me goodnight and said see you tomorrow nana I love you. The following day I asked her what she thought about the experience and her thoughts on the meditation she said “I was so tired nana…sorry but I have to tell you that I fell asleep sitting down… the parts that I remember were cool though”…then ran off to play.

The feeling of peace and joy has remained with me since. Quietude has filled my spirit. The words that Alissa spoke reminded me that all is as it should be… the plan will fulfill itself in its own time. Meantime I will continue to reach for higher vibrational realms and keep on evolving with a grateful heart. Grateful that I have chosen to incarnate during these wonderful times…this is the lifetime that I have waiting for…transition and completion of the third dimensional self and the evolutionary journey of the fifth root race.

Grateful and blessed to be able to share.
In love and Light, we are one.


At 7:31 AM, Blogger PMH said...

Mara, Your granddaughter plugged into the kind of energy stream that forms the basis of the Rapture scenario. It is interesting to me that she would see that. Many children do. I’m not at all certain that what they are seeing is any kind of “space ship;” rather, I think it is representative of a lift numbers of us may indeed be making as we awaken and align with the ascension energy now filling the ethers. That energy is quite real. Many blessings, PMH

At 1:01 AM, Anonymous Sandra said...

I am a great fan of PMH. I had a NDE years ago and found her research very enlightening. Since PMH helped me through her dedication to the NDE, I'd like to return the favor.

I know that PMH has endorsed Shelley Yates and her fire the grid thing. But I think that she endorsed Shelley Yates because she believed the story Shelley Yates told about having a NDE. Since most NDE rarely come with hard physical evidence, most NDE are mainly anecdotal. This means that's possible for someone to study the work of PMH, and then fabricate a NDE that rings true.

That's what Shelley Yates has done. There is an indepth report on Shelley Yates that proves that she never had a NDE, never met beings of light, and made up fire the grid herself. The best evidence was provided by Shelley Yates herself.

You can read this report here:

I have faith in PMH's integrity, and sincerely hope that she will withdraw support of Shelley Yates.
The documented evidence in this report is solid, and so is the analyzation. I haven't seen any other investigation into Shelley Yates and her fire the grid, and this one isn't written by a skeptic. On the contrary, the investigator sincerely supports genuine NDE and other extraordinary experiences.

PMH, please do the right thing and remove your support of Shelley Yates. It wasn't your fault that she fooled you with her lies. She's been duping thousands of people around the world. But now you have hard evidence on the side of truth.

Fire the grid is a fraud, and healing the planet cannot be done on a stack of lies. I strongly believe that and I hope you do too.

At 10:49 AM, Anonymous Adam said...

I can't believe you fell for that fire the grid deception. Didn't you do any research into Shelley Yates? Others have, and Shelley Yates did not have a NDE and didn't meet beings of light. She lied. Yet you got on the bandwagon and supported this deception. Fire the grid turned out to be an exercise in how thousands of people can be tricked into performing a task at a certain day and time. All Shelley Yates wanted was to be the center of attention and make some money doing it. But the greater danger was the spiritual herd mentality that was so easily observed. The moment you got on the fire the grid bandwagon your credilibity sank to zero. Shame on you. I'm very concerned that this is an example of all of your NDE research. It's time you sought out the truth about Shelley Yates and her claims. Others have done this work, and the least you can do is seek it out and avail yourself of the information.

At 3:36 PM, Blogger PMH said...


The "Fire the Grid" meditation that Belle explained in her message is now over. I participated, hope you did, too. For me, the time was 7:11 am, as I live in Charlottesville, Virginia. This is what happened to me and what I sensed during this unique event.

The power I plugged into was intense, really intense right from the start. I felt as if my entire head was about to explode; my body expanded. I remained in this state for the entire hour without the energy dissipating. There were several times I wanted to leave but could not. I felt "held in place" by a force I could not control until the event was over. I both prayed and meditated on peace and the protection of our dear Universe, Planet Earth, the Human Family, and All the Kingdoms and Various Levels and Dimensions of Creation. I felt completely connected at a very deep level to Creation and to God and to all created things, living and non-living. The presence of others also participating and from across the world was quite strong. This truly was a shared event, a unique and powerful opportunity for all of us to slip through an energy portal, a rare and unusual one, to affect change.

I was energized all day. By afternoon, though, I began to sense change, that whatever in each of our lives was undone or unsolved or needed a shove would be activated. The term "solutions" rang through my soul. By evening we received a phone call, demanding action on a loan we had co-signed for one of our daughters, a loan she seldom paid and seemed unable or unwilling to be responsible for. Today we choose forgiveness over rancor, took out a loan to pay off the bank, gave her the car, and ended three years of strife. We are free and so is she. Maybe someday she will pay us back and maybe she never will. Regardless, it's over.

With that rush of "It's over" came a revelation: any situation anywhere in the world that has been dragging on, is now activated. Finding a solution is the only choice anyone has. This will not necessarily bring peace, nor was it meant to. It will bring solutions that will lead to healings, to righting that which has been out-of-balance. We may not like the results - at least initially. But the end result will be good.

I feel blessed from this whole affair and what happened. Watch the news. Monitor your own life. A shift is occurring in the ethers - now. --P. M. H. Atwater

At 3:41 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Sandra, you misread my comments. At no time have I ever endorsed Shelley Yates and her NDE story. I cannot, and have not, because I was not the researcher involved in her case, and therefore could not make any comments about her. That would be dishonest of me. I did participate in Fire the Grid Meditation because I had a feeling that because of her campaign what was already a high-energy portal event would become even more so, and that did indeed happen. I made it clear to many people, although I did not mention this in my posted comments, that it did not matter what Shelley Yates said about her revelations. What mattered was, because of her, millions from around the world participated in the Meditation, super-charging what was already an enormous astrological rarity. No lie here. 

You indicate in your message that the woman has now been revealed to be a charlatan, tricking a lot of people. I never “bought” her story because of her strange website, the way she conducted herself, the way she used words, and what seemed as if she was turning Fire the Grid into a long-term “business” based on continued channeling from her guides. Yes, many other near-death experiencers have done something similar, yet, in her case, there was always something odd about the whole affair that didn’t fit the profile of a true near-death experiencer. Thank you for bringing me up-to-date on this. Shelley Yates is not the first person to “color” a story or pretend to be something she is not. I have run across this many times in my work. That’s why I tend to be a little cautious about such things, until I have had enough time to investigate the truth of them myself.

Thank you so much for your kind words. And your thoughtfulness in contacting me. I appreciate that very much. We have a great deal to scold Shelley Yates for in this drama, but we also have much to thank her for. Because of her efforts, perhaps unwittingly, she was able to engage millions around the world in a worthy and real cause that would have passed by the consciousness of the multitude without her. She did us a favor, even if what she meant to do was more ego-centric. PMH

At 5:04 PM, Blogger PMH said...

Adam, as I said to Sandra, you either misread my comments or misunderstand where I’m coming from. So, allow me to clarify, again:


I have never met Shelley Yates. I am not one of the investigators on her account. Thus, I am not able to say one way or another whether she had a near-death experience or not. Yes, her story sounds right, but there are also other clues in her story and on her website that make me wonder about all that she claims. I have contacted a number of people who do know her to ask what their impressions are. I only found one that was favorable.

Now, let’s clear up misunderstandings about “Fire The Grid.” 

I participated in the Fire The Grid Meditation NOT BECAUSE OF ANYTHING SHELLEY SAID, but because I knew that date was indeed a very special time, and I knew that because of astrology. No one was tricked here. July 17th was an incredible, once in a lifetime event involving Pluto and what is referred to as the Galactic Center, in accord with “the great shifting” that is now occurring on our planet and throughout the universe. I discuss some of this in my book, “Beyond the Indigo Children,” and have given several talks about the entire phenomenon – one of which was filmed. Since time constrains me from writing the kind of book I would like to about this, I had hoped to turn that film into a DVD and make it available on my website. Well, it sorta bombed, that is to say the film wasn’t very good and much of what I spoke about is lost. However, my webmaster is now in the process of “gluing things back together,” and I may have “something” to offer in the near future. That aside, I want to say again and have you hear me say it:


Does Shelley Yates understand astrology and is that why she focused on the one event that, if enough people lent their intention and their heart to, it would indeed affect our planet and our world in a good way?  Or, did she clue into that date unwittingly, or because of “guidance”? This I cannot say because I simply don’t know. And, I don’t think you know either.

I participated in Fire The Grid Meditation because I knew that with her promotion, irrespective of why she was doing it, something wondrous could occur. It did. I know because I was there. The energy I connected with during that hour was indeed life-changing. And that’s no joke, and it’s no lie, and it has nothing to do with Shelley Yates and her so-called NDE and subsequent guidance.
It would appear that Shelley Yates deserves a good scolding for the way she has conducted herself and for what she has claimed during the many talks she has given. But, by the same token, she also deserves our thanks, everyone’s thanks, for inspiring people throughout this globe to participate in the Meditative event on July 17th. I have no regrets about participating, and neither should you.

I had my webmaster remove some comments from my blog about the Meditation Event, as they were no longer applicable. I also had her remove my comments about my participation in the Meditation Event from the Fire The Grid website, as too many people are misunderstanding what I said to mean that I endorse Shelley, her story, and her claims, and I do not.

It is my hope this explanation clears up any misunderstanding you may have, and will help you to feel better about yourself and your own guidance if you, like me, were a participant. July 17th was no trick. It was an incredible miracle. Please remember that.

Many blessings, PMH

At 2:39 PM, Anonymous rhiannon said...


Dearest PMH,

It’s been a while since I last visited your site. I must make it a habit! With great regret I missed meditating/praying on the event of July 17, 2007.

Could it be that it was because Saturn and Pluto were in a trine aspect and the Sun was 30 degrees from Saturn while making a 150 degree aspect to Pluto? Could it be that – in the declinations – the sun was parallel to Jupiter? Are these the reasons for such a profound day or am I missing something else. I would love it if you could expand, astrologically, on that day.

I would also like your views on the Harry Potter books. Well have you read any of them? I would like to jump ahead here and say that I am amazed at how exact she is about the near death experience in some of the situations of the Potter books. But I don’t ever recall her speaking about NDEs in any of her interviews – except to say that the death of her mother changed the tone of the stories before they were published. If you are interested I would be more than happy to place in your comments some of these situations from the Potter books for your perusal and to get any feedback from you.

Sincerely Rhiannon

At 6:51 AM, Blogger PMH said...

Thank you for your comments about Fire The Grid. You gave some insightful reasons why July 17th was such a remarkable day, but you forgot Pluto on the Galactic Center opposite the pushing power of Neptune, with Uranus and the Moon’s North Node dancing with Mercury. Uranus is the illuminator and flashpoint for Social Ages, as you know. Compare how it is influencing the current Age of Meaning we are now engaged in, a time of religious/spiritual/creative-imagination gone wild – with the almost violent smash of ping-pong that defines Pluto on the Galactic Center opposite Neptune (Neptune and Uranus are in “mutual reception” or “switched around” from how they would normally function). This adds up to so much pressure, intensity, and utter confusion (especially with psychic guidance and channeling, not to mention politics, economic indicators, and earth/weather changes), that it would take the concerted effort of millions of minds and hearts centered on peace to counter-balance the effect. Fire The Grid did that. Worst-case scenarios were averted. Thank God! Irrespective of what one thinks about Shelley Yates, she did “fire up” the world’s people to remember whose really in charge – God – and that we can call upon that Oneness we have with The One to reassert Divine Order. This “power to the people” to override political and ego-centric insanity peaked readings on random generators placed all over the world to measure activity with “mass mind” (Global Consciousness). Truly, it was a remarkable example of what we, the “silent” majority, can accomplish when we are motivated to do so. 

I have never read any of the Potter books, although I have glanced through them and read various passages. What amazed me was the beautiful languaging in them, never talking down to children, always pushing them to learn more words and look up meanings in dictionaries. The story-line covers what really happens in children’s lives, their fears, their frustrations, and the absolute horror they are faced with daily – either because of where they live or because of what radio, television, and the print media bring into their home. And, wonder of wonders, it reintroduces them to the reality of Deity and the importance of ethics/integrity/spirituality/service for and to others. Under the guise of magic and wizardry, Rowling was able to face her own fear of death, and in so doing, enabled millions of others to do the same. J. R. R. Tolkien accomplished the same thing in the classics he wrote, as did Rudyard Kipling, and many other great authors. In her final book, Harry does indeed seem to undergo a near-death experience, with consequences that match what research has shown. She crafted this incident, however, in a manner whereby we can never be certain of what, why, or how. Clever lady. Yes, we saw all the movie versions presented thus far, and have copies of them.

Blessings, PMH

At 12:58 AM, Anonymous rhiannon said...

Thank you for both excellent responses.

If I may, I have more to say about Rowling's Potter books:

The character Dumbledore has said to Harry on few occasions:

"Do not pity the dead, pity the living"

"Sometimes it is better to die, than to go on living."

What do you think of these two confessions? Mind you, Dumbledore tell Harry this to comfort him.


the poster boy for evil named Tom Riddle - the essence of a human who has become heartless, without remorse, shows contempt and revulsion for the human spirit, the journey for and challenge of love – YES, these types of people LACK comprehension that we - the human family - are ALL connected and that there is something much greater beyond this planet, something bigger than us, something so much more profound that we can’t even imagine, our True Home.

Tom Riddle is pure racist, pure bigot, pure materialist. All he knows is power, control, and amassing things. People don’t matter to him, not even his followers; he treats them viciously, [as he does his opposition], when he no longer has any use for them. He chose to be this way. Nobody made him what he was. This is the hell he makes for himself and others on earth. This is the hell he will take with him when he leaves the planet.

Tom Riddle is afraid to die, because somewhere in that small, dark mind of his, he knows what waits for him upon death – the memories he made on earth – he is terrified of the dead – he’s hurt so many, and who in the afterlife would greet him with any kind of joy?

This is something he will have to face eventually – he can’t live forever like he tries to.

Because he wants to live forever on earth, he places fragments of his soul in different material items – which he assumes no one will find and destroy. This here is where JK Rowling’s colorful story-telling comes into play – the hiding of one’s soul fragments into containers. I thought this concept very clever and amusing.

Of course Riddle has a piece of soul in his own damaged body, else he wouldn’t be able to stay on earth.

The character, Dumbledore, is like a prophet. He has made mistakes, after all, he is human, tragic mistakes – big regrets - which he has suffered for. This is very important, that Dumbledore is filled with remorse for past decisions that caused others heart-ache.

Riddle has no remorse at all.

But Dumbledore is a character whose words are worth hanging on to throughout the books. He is the opposite of Tom Riddle. Dumbledore: Pure wisdom born of pain, he has learned.

The character “Harry” is Tom Riddle’s nemesis. Harry gets to take an adventure into a facet of the afterlife. He has seen the future and the past – just glimpses. In the end he fights Riddle with renewed passion because of his afterlife experience in book 7.

What is interesting is how she depicts the souls of Harry and Riddle when they both arrive into that facet of the after-life together. Harry's soul is like his body, but he has no lightening scar on his forehead anymore and he can see without his glasses. When he needs clothing to cover his naked body he receives clothing quickly out of air at his mere thought of them.

Riddle's soul [the author never tells the reader that this is Riddle's soul, but the reader must come to the conclusion that this IS the soul of Riddle] is a clump of flesh, a thing, somewhat like a small child with raw, reddish raw skin. It is hiding, curled up under some chairs and it whimpers, and thumps its small hands on the floor. It moans and cries at intervals, it is revolting to look at. Harry never gets to see its face because it is hidden.


While this is a depiction of an author's idea of a light soul as opposed to a dark soul - how accurate from your own research and experiences would you say Rowling is?

Do you think she did a good job? Would you say her concept of these two souls is just one of hundreds - thousands?

And most importantly.....

is it true that people who have sinned greatly, would their souls suffer such a handicap, or is this just pure fantasy on the author's part?

I know I am asking you a lot of questions, but your insights are valuable to me. I would appreciate any feedback you have to offer.

Many thanks,


At 7:17 AM, Blogger PMH said...

Time prevents me from pursuing an in-depth discussion of this topic, but I can say Rowling did a superb job of revealing the human condition in terms we can all relate to, recognize, and hopefully come to understand. Sometimes myths and stories are the best way to express that which is true. Although all of us are perfect in our higher, spirit forms, none of us are able to bring that perfection into the earthplane in the way we might wish. Nor are we supposed to. That’s not what the earthplane is all about. We come here to learn, grow, express, and merge back into the truth of our being. The journey back and forth awakens us, enables and empowers us, while steadying the light which breathes through us as us. 

Death is not the enemy nor the monster so often portrayed in symbols, masks, beliefs, and personalities. Death is that raw moment when truth emerges from the scripts that our minds and hearts write. It is that pause in life’s pulse when we are naked and alone long enough that we can finally receive the warmth Love used to create Creation – when we can distinguish the real from the  unreal. The near-death experience patterns this in some experiencers, not all, but some. That’s why the phenomenon is so important. It doesn’t just transform us; it clears the slate.

Many blessings, PMH


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