Monday, October 30, 2006

Conversations with God

Conversations with God The film "Conversations With God" is fabulous!!!!!!!! It is the story of Neale Donald Walsch and how he came to pen his many books about the conversations he had with God. Don't confuse him with people who channel or who are visited by apparitions of "ascended masters." This man is real and his story is really all our stories - of being lost, finding redemption, and then discovring the Source of True Power and True Faith. Soon it will be played in major movie houses across the United States. Do yourself a favor - don't miss this one!!!! PMH

I am happy to announce that Hampton Roads Publishing will bring out The Near-Death Experience Sourcebook (a revised version of the former Complete Idiot's Guide to NDEs). It will be larger, more dynamic, with "Sacred Cow" cartoons by SpiritPainter, and a host of startling new information that will completely amaze you! Watch this website for news of the publication date.

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At 12:01 AM, Blogger Rhiannon said...

Hello PMH, It is a pleasure to find you and to be able to dialogue with you. I wanted to ask a few questions:

Does God depend on us to believe in his existence?

Some people I have talked with say it is the other way around. That God depends on US for his exististence and without US, God would be nothing.

Here is what he basically says:

"you think we depend on god for our existence and our beliefs? absolutely not..
He depends on us for HIS existence.
Without us, humans, and other creation of His, how would he exist? alone? To whom would he give orders and show off, to himself? that will be pretty boring wouldn't it?"

Somehow PMH I have a real problem with what they say.

I believe that God does NOT depend on us to believe in Him. Why would God need to depend on us?

Could you please help me out with an elaboration. I need all the you information that I can get about God.

THank you,


At 8:02 AM, Blogger PMH said...

Rhiannon, there is no evidence or testimony in near-death studies that I am acquainted with that says God needs us for God’s existence. Quite the other way around. The vast majority of experiencers, adult or child, come back absolutely convinced, knowing, not only that God exists, but that God is the Supreme Creator of all that exists and all that ever will exist. And they know that God is One - not two, not a version for each religion, not a representative symbol, not some psychological ploy or trick we are playing on ourselves, not an extension of our psyches, neither myth nor imagination.

An interesting twist, though, from traditional views is that most experiencers discover they are one with The One, that’s there’s really no boundary or division between them and God. They say we are in God, from God, with God, as God in potential and in possibility and in the light we are formed from and exist within. Some note in utter wonderment that it seems as if God is evolving, too, not just us – that in some unique and unfathomable way, God becomes more of Itself as we become more of ourselves, that as we awaken to who we really are, God is nourished, extended, enlarged. In other words, at some level, God grows as we grow. God never changes in the Reality of Its Existence, yet God ever changes in the substance and makeup of what It experiences through the experience of creation experiencing itself. None comment on God “needing” us (the creations of The One), but, rather, that God, through us, is nourished by the many facets of creation…as if God were us and we were God via the act of being/doing. You can get a sense of how this could be true if you read my book, “Future Memory.” Look for that section that explains the difference between actual and virtual electrons. I believe it is around page 206. If you can understand the picture I “paint” for you by making this comparison, you will then have some grasp of what many near-death experiencers and those like them come to know.

By the way, one of the first thoughts/notions abandoned after a near-death experience (or similar transformation of consciousness) is the need to call God a father, he, or him – or a mother, she, or her. Gender dissolves as you attune more to Presence.

I hope this helps. Rhiannon, may I have your permission to use your question and my answer in one of the columns I put on my Q&A blog and on Kevin William’s near-death website? Please let me know. Blessings, PMH

At 5:24 PM, Anonymous patrick said...

watched the movie version of Conversations with God recently; Neale Donald Walsch makes a good point about having freedom to admit that he's not perfect so he can move on from where he is.


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