Wednesday, January 05, 2022

Workshops and Talks


I have three special talks/workshops coming up.  Here they are:

Fellowship Worldwide Spiritual Uplift -
My part on the 9th, 2:30 pm EST on Zoom.

Title of talk: “Glimpses of Beyond,” features drawings done by near-death experiencers from six countries. Among the artists who participated was Diane Goble, who exhibits her artwork online.   I will speak of what well over 3,000 adult and child experiencers told me about life, death, and the God of our being.  

Charge:  $25

FEBRUARY 12 -  “Easy Ways to Thrive in Today’s
Rapidly Changing World.”

East/West Bookstore, Seattle, WA, 3 to 6 pm EST on Zoom

This is a Playshop.  Reidentify your body, where you live, what each room in your home symbolizes.  Learn how to give yourself an acupressure facelift. Also know about some specific energy changes this year plus a few to come.    


Charge:  $40 

MARCH 10 -  “What We Have Been Waiting For Is Here”  
in person also Zoom.

Walter Russell Museum, Wayesboro, VA -
518 West Main Street, Waynesboro, VA -  1-800-882-5683.  

Talk about specifics on cycles now occurring and to come; critical dates for this year plus a few others in the not-so-distant future.  Bring paper and pen.  Some helpful grounding exercises.  Questions afterward.  

Charge:  donation to Museum.  

Call, write, e-mail for advance registration, contact:
University of Science and Philosophy

My original talk on Walter Russell’s pattern of NDEs versus how it dovetails the work of Dr. Bucke’s findings on Cosmic Consciousness, plus what I discovered with child experiencers of near-death states between the age of birth and age five, is still available here.

APRIL 9 - “The Challenge of September 11 - A Memorial”
On Zoom for Chicago IANDS, 3 pm EST.  

This talk details my out-of-body experience of being near the first tower as a plane pierced the second tower.  All I saw and experienced later confirmed to the extent that it could be, then turned into a small book.  Chicago IANDS has already had a guest that fled the second tower as it was collapsing share his story.  My sharing will detail what happened to that building as the previous guest escaped.  

Charge:  donation to Chicago IANDS.  

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