Monday, June 07, 2021



***  As a special treat, hear the audio version of Art Yensen’s book I SAW

HEAVEN AND IT CHANGED MY LIFEArt’s experience occurred in

1932; he wrote his book in 1955.  No, there’s no way you can now

obtain a copy of his book.  Long since out of print.  Stephen Mendez

does the audio.  I believe Kevin Williams put him up to it.  Art and I

were best budds for decades.  His was the first NDE I ever heard of.

I am more than delighted that someone found a way to bring his story

back to the mainstream, so we could all benefit from his fresh views.

*** By the end of June I will have my 19th book finished, hopefully in the

hands of critics who will okay it for publication, then on its way to

find a publisher.  I assure you, this book will be nothing like any other

book I have ever written - bold, personal, head-on clashes with a field

of survival, of inquiry, of promises kept/lost/redeemed.  You may like 

it.  You may hate it.  You may toss it away as fiction or nonsense.  But

you cannot deny my story. . . even if you want to.  Same goes for me.