Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Forever Family Foundation

If you've never heard about this group, you need to. Their basic premise is "Life does not end with physical death." To this end, they sponsor research into the survival of consciousness, discussion groups, mini-conferences, radio shows, and various other services and activities. Their discussion groups are like open forums where people can discuss any and all subjects relating to the afterlife. Both the bereaved and the curious are welcome to attend. Their goal is to provide a safe environment for open discussions and learning. I've been a guest a number of times on their radio show and can personally attest to the dedication and sincerity of these people.

Should you wish to pursue more information about Forever Family Foundation, please contact them at: 222 Atlantic Avenue, Oceanside, NY 11572; (631) 425-7707; Robert Ginsberg is the founder and radio show host. To know more about the radio show, you can use the contact information above, or e-mail

They are non-profit, by the way, and membership in the organization is free to all who wish to join - no matter where you live or who you are. I highly recommend this unique source of valuable, non-sectarian information about whatever the afterlife might be and how we may be in contact with our loved ones after they have passed. – PMH

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