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There are two websites now up and running which offer an incredible service in news, scholarly reports, plus the ability for anyone to participate, express, and learn as concerns the fields of parapsychology and open views of science. Both websites are highly recommended. They are: (explore, support, participate), and (collaborating, replicating, and sharing
scientific research on phenomena beyond our current understanding).
Founder, Annalisa Wentola, can be reached at, should you wish further details or need
to discuss anything. Postal address is: Public Parapsychology, P. O. Box
24173, Columbus, OH 43224.

A talk of mine is reviewed via this link
to conference material (look for Day 2, evening, and Closing Day for panel)

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Meditation Matrix Movement
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The linear digital and electric flow movement matrix opens as our experience of the universe with every breath. Poetry in Action, while we ‘keep looking up’ as Carl Sagan admonished. You and I are dancing as we carry our individual castles toward one another. Each castle wants to be transformed and seen for what it is truly as a form to help us, so as not to lose our minds in the reality of beauty. We are but a wisp of energy composed of so much Love. Waking up to this love is the point of meditation. Often when people sit and focus on a problem they are doing the most intense meditation but think that this is separate from whatever has been labeled either work or spiritual. Perhaps we can work together to close this gap?

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Please send your comment on to the Parapsychological group handling this information. Their address is openly posted. I do not keep track of this type of research. My intent was only to inform people about their existence and what they do. Blessings, PMH


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